The Black Hitler


All he needs to do now is the shave off the beard and shape his moustache just to look like Adolf Hitler. All we hear from Dr Foolmar Johnson talking about interracial relationships and he talks about it very often. How many times we have seen this simp talking about interracial relationships and interracial marriage? He talks about very, very often. And let me tell you something. When he talks about interracial relationships/marriage, he is talking about black men dating non black women. He’s going against black men that are dating non black women but not talking about black women dating non black men.

The reason why he’s attacking black men who are with non black woman is because that he is siding the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles as their enforcer/henchmen. And I bet you that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that he loves and adore are using him as an attack dog to come after black men who are in non black relationships. But they are making sure that he will never ever say anything when it comes to black women with non black men, period! Because if he does, they will come after him in rage mode and willing to take him down.

Not only he is going after black men who are with non black women, he is siding with these ghetto harridans just to get some punany from them. It’s just a thirsty tactic just to get some pum pum from these scragglies that he loves and obeys. Simps like Foolmar Johnson always do this kind of strategy when they want some clit from these ghetto hoodrats. If this simp loves these ghetto whores so much then why is he not with one? Why is he not married to one? Because these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles don’t want a simp like Foolmar Johnson.

Oh yeah, I heard that he’s snorting cocaine as well. When I heard this, I want “Mi bomba claat! The man is sniffing the white shit?” Right, if black people say that cocaine is the white man’s drug, then why are some black people sniffing it the white man’s drug? Why they are snorting it up their nose stream? They talk about drugs in the black community and they are sniffing it? Yo, that doesn’t make sense. You can’t call it the white man’s drug and you are sniffing it.

Dr Foolmar Johnson has got nothing to do in his life. Listen here, if a black woman ever want to date a black man, they will not choose this simp dude because what can he bring to the table? Nothing! And also, the scarggle daggles that Foolmar Johnson id defending, they don’t a man like him. No, they want the worthless man and the hopeless like Cell Block Scrappy, Colt Five Rounds, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Street Mice, Whiskey Baron Tony, Big Dick Rodney and Rapid Fire Rasta.

Dr Foolmar Johnson will never be on the SYSBM round table. Because if he does and takes these guys on in a debate, the SYSBM guys especially the ones in Britain will light him up with logic and mockery. He cannot handle the heat SYSBM will bring to him and the heat will be too, too hot for him. Sooner or later, these scarggle daggles will turn on him and there will be no place for him to go. He cannot go to SYSBM because all he did over the years is put black men under the bus when they say no to the scraggle daggles, the ghetto harridans, harlots, hoodrats, thotianas and the sketells.


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