Black Men, The Gayest Men?

homo flag

Right, I have no issues of man who is homosexual, no matter what colour the man is. If that’s is the man’s lifestyle then he can live his life, but when some random man send you a message which has a gay undertone, you goanna be thinking about his sexual orientation. On Monday 26th April 2021, I was watching Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube about the Ma’ Khia Bryant shooting and people was calling in. And there was this simp name Tater who called into the show and start making stupid noises. Tommy hangs up obviously. And then Tater written to him in the background. And it was some gay shit ladies and gentlemen.

It’s on time 1:04:27. Beware guys.

After that, Tommy Sotomayor says “There is no man gayer then black men!” When he said that, I starting to think. I was starting to think about these simps dick policing other black men because they wanna know where black men putting their penis in. And did you see the way the gayter, oh I sorry, Tater write the damn thing? He has no punctuation and I mean the fruit has none. And you know what else? Tommy says that there was simp that showed his ass to him on his Only Fans website. I kid you not people. When I was watching it I was saying why would any man would show his ass to another man? And my mum said that “Because him ah batty man!”

Look, I have no issues of any man being a gay or bisexual but why would any man who  show his ass to a next man, star? And when I see these black men especially young black men wearing their trousers down their waist. You yell at them “Hey bwoy, put up your pants. You think mi want see you’re batty!? And then he says “Why are you watching man? Are you gay!?” And then we say “Yo, you ah show your batty crease in public!” Let me tell you guys something. If I was in my young years and my dad was still alive and he sees me with my pants sagging down my ass crack, you think he’ll let me go out of the house? No fucking way blud! He will tell me “Why you have your trousers hang down your bottom fa Donovan?”

It was the year 2000 and I had this mix race girlfriend who was a thieving bastard. I couldn’t remember what I was doing. I think I was watching something on Sky television. Then I had this voicemail and he listen to it. When I listen to the voicemail, bomba claat people! It was a guy talking dirty to me. The man said he want me to eat his pussy and all sort of bullshit which made me go hu? And you know the worse thing is that I know who it was. He’s a friend of the mix race chick who was my girlfriend. Let me tell you something. If I asked him if it was him giving me that voicemail message, I would have chop him up you know. And I haven’t like him since then.

There was a video I was watching on Youtube and this black woman showed a huge distain when she saw the Oscar winning drama Moonlight. As I look at it. Moonlight doesn’t upset me at all because I know that black men have a gay side and some of them are showing it on the internet. Look at these simps who are against black men who are with non black women. Look how many dick policing we are seeing with these simps. And also, there was a YouTuber named Tim Boman and on his channel there was a video called Tommy kissing a man. It was two black men kissing. What does it say about the man who posted that video?


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