Being A Single Parents. Who Benefits? Who Suffers?


Oh man, let’s start off with some very bad news, star! The daughter of the chairman of the commission of racial inequity Trevor Phillips has died. Sushila Phillips who was 36 was suffering from anorexia and she was fighting it 22 years. Trevor Philips was well knows of the presenter of the London Programme which use to come on LWT on Friday evening. LWT is a London Network for the weekend on ITV. But RIP to his daughter and I send my condolences to Trevor Phillips family. And also, rapper and producer Shock G from The Digital Underground, the rap group the late Tupac Shukar was in had also died at 57 years old. He was found dead in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida. RIP to Shock G. This is the thing right. People are just dying. They just dropping like leaves. We had DMX died, then Black Rob and now Shock G. Goddamn!

He consider himself a ladies man. True that? And he said he was young and ambitious?

Someone needs to may for all of her children? Bomba claat gyal, I never breed you!

You know, we have seen women who are single mothers, especially in the so called black community. But they are more black women who are single mothers then any other race of women. There are single fathers as well especially black men who are single fathers. Right, there is a black man who is in his 30’s that has 30 children. Yep, 30 children. My late grandfather from my mum side he had 20 children and didn’t take care of his children. Okay, you must be thinking why women mostly black women and also black men are being single parents? What is making them have children and raising them by their own? Well, to be honest, they have been raised by a single parent, mostly by their mothers.

It seems like a generational thing when they see their mothers or other female family members being single parents. I have single mothers in my family on my mum side and that’s in Jamaica. I don’t know about my dad’s side though. Maybe they do have single parents. When they have children, they have more then one child and not raising them in a two parent home. In the black community, we have seen black women raising children without a father in the household. They are doing this on their own terms and not having a man in the home.

Who benefits? Who benefits when they become a single parent? The single mother benefits. How? They will get everything free on a plate. They will get free money from the government, food stamps, housing, they get everything handed to them. (Food stamps are in in the UK) A man will not get anything like that especially a single man with non children. Do you know how many time I have big for a flat in Brent, North West London. And Brent Council still didn’t budge. The only thing the man do is breed them but most of the time it’s the wrong woman.  Do you know how many men breed the wrong woman after they fuck them? The list is big, you get me? You see the scraggly hoodrats are seductive and they know how to lure the simps to the punany because they know that these men are thirsty.

Who suffers? The man. When he breeds up a woman, he will end up paying child support. Sometimes the man has more then one child and he’s paying child support of all of them. And when the baby mother gets the child support money every month for eighteen years or more just in case she has more then one child, the child support money is not going to the children. It’s going to the mother. Look how many black men that are on child support. Look how many black celebrities who are paying thousands of dollars of child support to blood claat, smh!

Now we have more single parents mostly in the so called black community. And these scargglies are raising their pickney by their own and they refuse to raise them without the father in the house. We know that there are some men have difficulties seeing their children and there are some men find out that the child or children ain’t his when he does the DNA test and some men are willing to take care of children when they find out they are not the father but anyway. I was wondering if the family home is dead including the black family home. Hmmm!


One thought on “Being A Single Parents. Who Benefits? Who Suffers?

  1. Money Cultural.

    The kids who are born into single mother families suffer the most because they born into a disadvantaged situation in which they have no control over plus they don’t have a father present which means that their home lives are going to be unstable. Also 10 times out of 10 the single mother is going to be broke and therefore poor so she can’t provide the strong financial resources that the child needs so that he/she can confident within themselves because these kids that come from stable 2 parent homes will be always well fed, they will have the latest new trainers and clothes, their homes that they live in would be paid for via a mortgage in a nice area from their parents because they want to make sure that their kids live in a safe area and also they avoid living in shitty council homes in dangerous areas where the crime rate is sky high. Also kids that come from stable two parent homes are more than likely to do better in their GCSE exams at school and do well in college and university and they more than likely to have a more successful life because they saw the blueprint from their stable 2 parent homes. I don’t care what anyone says kids both need their mum and dad in their lives and single mothers can’t raise kids on their own because it’s a hard job and their single mothers end up being utter failures in life because they continue to make stupid decisions in life.


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