That’s What They Think About

simp logo


Just a short one.

The only thing that simps do think about is sex. Yeah, that is right. You want the proof? Look at these simps who are defending these ghetto scraggle daggles when thinking black men talk about these ghetto ratchet harridans. And these reason why they are coming after thinking black men is that these just wanna have the punany as a rewards when they are in the defence of these ghetto hoodrats who really don’t want them. I have done a article called Sex Addiction Of The Simp when I explain that these simps have a huge sex addiction.

These simps don’t even know that they have a sex impulse disorder and the other thing that they can’t control it. These simps are sex hungry dudes that need help for this sexual addiction that they can’t control and these scraggle daggles know that. But the thing is that these mediocre women are giving the pum pum to 12 Gauge Mike, Rapid Fire Rasta, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44, Colt Five Rounds and Fuck All Night Freed. These simps don’t have a chance for these scargglies that they love and adore.

These simps have nothing going on for themselves. They have no goals, an ambition, nothing at all. And they are coming after black men who have an opinion of these scraggle daggles bad behaviour? But I know why they are defending these scraggs just to get some clit. Since 2013, I have seen so many simps and more and more developing. Oh boy!


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