Why I Stay Away From The Homosphere — I Mean The Manosphere


homo flag

News just in. I don’t usually do this breaking news thing but still!

The Duke Of Edinburgh have died at the age of 99. Man lived a very long time and an interesting one. He was married to the queen for over 70 years. That is a very long time. Let me tell you something right. Marriages don’t last long nowadays especially black marriages. Well, people meet the wrong person and then they marry them and that man or woman shows their other side and they treat the person like shit. But RIP to Prince Phillip still. I saw some pictures of him at the Emirates Stadium, so he must be an Arsenal supporter. And in the Hip Hop world, rap legend DMX had died at age 50. He died from a heart attack he suffered which was triggered from an overdose. Let me tell you something. He’s music was raw. It was so rugged! Trust me people it was so raw. He was more hardcore then 2pac. Tupac Shakur was like, he was respecting the women until he went to prison. And then when he came out of jail, then he started to become mean to the woman. Him respecting women back fired but DMX was all in. His music was hair raising! I t was absolutely menacing. His music was frightening as duppy to blood claat. “What bitches want with a nigah!” We know what they want. They want a ruff neck man. They want a Ruff Cut Larry, 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Scrappy Man, Man Man, Corner Boy Ronny, Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don and Fuck All Night Fred.

What these women really don’t want is a simp!

The second verse with the girls names. I think the nice guy has to be like that especially in North West London.

Now this thing, smh!

Right, why did I stay away from the manosphere? Why did I stay away from something which was manly, which is not. Right, the reason why I stay away from the manosphere is because the men, mostly black men keep on bringing these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles on their platforms and they get taken down by the same women. I really don’t know if that’s simping but I know that they always bring these women who are ghetto and ratchet. And another reason why I stay away from it because there is nothing but black men who are dick policing other black men because of their dating preferences and there are black men who are in the manosphere have homosexual and feminine characteristics. And you wonder why I call it the homosphere.

The homosphere — I mean them the manosphere is now a tone of rubble because black men bring these scarggle daggles to their platforms. They have been warned about this. They have been warned about this numerous time to not bring these mediocre women on their platforms, but they didn’t listen. Every simp thinks on YouTube that SYSBM is part of the manosphere. They are damn wrong on that shit. There is no way that SYSBM is part of the manosphere. And it’s impossible for these simps and these ghetto ratchet hoodrats to take down SYSBM.

There was the manosphere 1.0 and 2.0, both gone and if there is ever a 3.0, then that will get taken down by these scraggle daggles in an instant because these simp dudes will bring these ghetto harridans on their platforms. Look at these simps that were defending these ghetto ratchet women and ghetto harlots just turn on these simps. Look how many simps being turned by these ghetto scraggles. Thinking black men have told the simps over and over that not to defend these ghetto ratchet hoodrats and they seem not to listen. I have been telling these foolish simps not to defend them.

Did you remember when YouTuber Kevin Samuels was talking a 20 year old virgin who was 5’10” (my height) and all most three hundred pounds and he asks him that does he have a big dick? Remember that fuckery? Oh, I did. I have a very good memory. When Kevin Samuels asks the guy about the size of his willy, people are goanna start scratching their heads and begin thinking about the man’s sexual orientation. If any man ask men about my dick size, I’ll be like “What the hell is wrong with you blud? Why you wanna know about my cocky!?” I’ll don’t think that any man will be brave enough to ask me that question.

The conversation starts at 1:38:47

A man like me is keeping away from the manosphere because there are too many men there dick police another man. There are simps who are trying to know where a black man is pushing his knob in. The manosphere is now dead and gone and there will be no resurrection for it. How can Obsidian Radio want to bring back the manosphere and it will get taken down again? He has to look at the first and the second manosphere and see what happened to both of them. The manosphere got destroyed and you know why? Because these dudes keep bringing these scragglies to their platform. And also it’s infested with black men who have homosexual tendencies. Fuck that, star!

Duke Of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

Earl Simmons aka DMX 1970 – 2021


4 thoughts on “Why I Stay Away From The Homosphere — I Mean The Manosphere

  1. Money Cultural.

    Excellent article and I fully agree with you bro. That DMX song on the above video is my favourite DMX song of all time.

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