The Same Thing In Britain



Right, my other website Money Cultural Raw, well I have changed it to Money Cultural Uncensored. All you are seeing is Uncensored. I will post articles on every Tuesdays during the evening time. So follow me on Money Cultural Uncensored on which you see everything uncensored, raw and weird. And, oh goodness. I heard that close to my grandmother’s grave on Middleton Road, Whitehall in St Thomas, Jamaica that one man hang himself after him killing his girlfriend. I have seen the pictures of the man hang himself on the tree and I saw the browning lying down on the ground with no top and body bloody up. She had three children and one she had with him.

Right, I don’t know what the situation it is between them two but the murder/suicide come back again in Jamaica in 2021 to blow whole! I have done article of this madness Jamaican men are doing to the broads in that JA. There was an incident of a Jamaican man who slit his girlfriend’s throat. Look, I really don’t know why he did what he did you know. My mum says that “The Jamaican man head gone!” To be honest, they lost them for true! What will happen if these Jamaican simps finish killing off the women? What will happen when they done offing the women? What they are goanna do? Fuck another man’s asshole!?

Let’s get to topic

I know that black men in America are going through a lot with the black American woman. They are going through a lot of madness with the black women in the United States. As you look at the videos on YouTube with black women acting ratchet and not afraid to show their wretchedness on display, the American black men must be thinking how the black women are like in Britain. Well, to be honest, it just the same thing basically. What are black men are going through in the States is the same thing what black men are going through in Britain which is now a sinking ship of what is going on right now.

The black British woman is just like the black American woman with the weave, the single mother glorification, bad attitude, fighting another black woman for a man, skin bleaching, living off the system, chasing worthless man and so on. There are some people will say that not all black women act this way. But it seems like there are more and more black women acting like this especially in Britain. Do you know how many ratchet black women in North West London people? Yo, there are ‘nough of these scraggly ratchet women in my hood!

We do have simps defending these scraggles daggles in the United Kingdom but they are less simps then in America while they are a whole leap of simps. The reason for that is because if the simps attacking thinking black men in Britain, they will get eaten alive. Because they see that these US simps get torn apart by SYSBM when they go to battle with them. I have done an article Simps In Britain and Simps In America explaining why there are less simps in Britain then in America where there are a huge amount of simps defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats.

In Britain, 55 per cent of black men are with non black women and the reason for that is because they see the dysfunctional behaviour of these black women in Britannia. So it was like for them is “Fuck it, I’m rather be with a non black women then be with a black woman with all the nonsense that she is being to the table.” And when the wretchedness occurs with the wretched black women, these simps are not talking about the bad behaviour of these scarggle daggles. What black men in America are going through with black women, the black British men are going through the same thing as well.


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