Black Men Not Stopping Black Women Fighting


Right, I have a thing for brown skin woman. Most of my exes are brown skin but as you see these women, these are the women I stay away from because they are just ratchet.

We all see black women fighting the street, buses, malls, night clubs, at work, petrol station, toilets, in large grocery stores like Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, etc, beauty stores and so on. And some of the time they are fighting for a man that is a hopeless man. And also, sometimes, there are a group of black women fight each other. I saw a video of black women fighting in the street during night time. It was just madness. There were punching each other, there was hair pulling, well weave pulling, it was crazy. And what is interesting that these are some simps that record these black women fighting on their mobile phones. However, they don’t stop them fighting.

Why is that? Why don’t we see black men stop these ghetto hoodrats fighting? I have seen a number of videos on YouTube of black women fighting and black men not stopping the out of control street brawl. Right, the reason why black men don’t stop black women fighting each other is if a black man stops them from fighting, these women will turn on him and fight the man. That is the reasons why black men just watch these black women fight it out, sometimes over a man who has another woman that he’s tearing up in the bed sheets with some good sex.

The browning just took off her jeans?

Off course we have seen black men fighting for a woman but when a man does this, he’s been called a simp and right fully so because he’s fighting for a woman that has another man who is ramming her punany. But when a black woman fights another black woman over a man sometimes, black men will have to watch the weave wearing boxing championships match between the two black women. And as they fight, these punch each other, they pull each other’s weave out, they wrestle on the ground and black men have to watch the fight. And some of these simps just laugh while these women fighting in the street.

Things like this do happen in Britain. I know that there are black girls do fight in North West London but now, I don’t see it anymore. I’m not too sure. I was reading the newspaper. I couldn’t remember which one it was. It was two black girls fighting in Croydon High Street. I don’t know what was the reason why they were fighting but I know that they were brawling in the middle of the day in Croydon. So, this fuckery does happen in Britain. And it also in Africa and in the Caribbean when we see black women fighting and the black men recording the fighting contest.

She says “Mi na go stop fuck him. Mi na go stop give him pussy!” Bassy’s tun tun must be hot then.

These scraggle daggles will fight each other anywhere and they don’t care where. And sometimes, it more then two scragglies fighting. Simps like Shawn James, Foolmar Johnson, Chris Miller, Bareback Fountain and all of the other simps will not say anything about this but they are willing to take on SYSBM. These are the women that these simps will defend all the time but they are not wanted by these ratchet black females for relationships or marriage. As these ratchet women fighting each other in the street or anywhere else, black men will do nothing but to watch the fight. And these simps will record these ratchet black females acting like some cameraman filming a movie.

Add least the men stop them fighting. For a man? I don’t know.


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