Being The Nice Guy In North West London

steve urkel


On the left is Church Road post office. It’s gone now!

This is for the man them up at North West London. What will happen if the nice guy was in my area dealing with the North West London girls? What will happen if he was dealing with them bad girls from the ends? If he was dealing with them girls in my area, he will be unsuccessful with them. What do I mean? If a girl has a nice guy, she will play games with him, lead him on, use him and so on. And I know that these girls in my area will play games with the nice guy. I’m not nice guy. I’m too street for that but I have been played before so I know how it feels.

The nice guy will be not successful if he gets involved with a girl from North West, especially when it comes to sex. She will withdraw the sex from the nice guy but will give it to someone else that she’s is really interested in, trust me, I know. Being the nice guy is truly prohibited in North West London because I know how these girls from the ends are like. If you have a girl and she is withdrawing the punany but the narcissistic hoodrat is giving it to the worthless man, then she belongs to the streets, period! She will have someone else that is on her radar while she is using the nice guy financially. As the nice guy goes to another girl, the same result happens again and again and again.

As I see the roughnecks up at Harlesden, they will get a gyal easy because that’s what the girls want. They prefer those type of men. I was at Harlesden on one sunny Sunday and I was walking down the road and I saw this guy saying hi to another guy. And then the next man said to the “You know him?” And the man said “Yes.” And the other guy said “The man is a gyaliss you know.” Hey man its Harlesden, you get me? So the nice guy has to be the man that has two, three or even four girls that he’s dealing with. He has to be like a mack daddy, a player, a gyaliss and so on. I know that there are dudes that are dealing with more then one girl while they are involved with someone. And yes, I know that you have to stick with one lady but what happens if she starts playing you?

The guys at North West London can’t do the nice guy shit because they know that these girls will play them and will take them for idiots. So there is no way that the nice guy thing will ever work. The nice guy will get treated like shit while the worthless man will get all the pum pum punany. When the girls see 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Rizly Dizzly, Rizla P, Pimp L, Cell Block Scrappy, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Long Dick 44, Six Shooter Derrick, Ruff Cut Larry and Fuck All Night Freed, they will give him a chance in an instant while they reject the nice guy harshly or they put him in the friend zone. But when they have children by these hopeless men like Des The Drunk, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Tony, Rum Head Frasier and Machete Man Briggy then that’s when they want the good man or the nice guy. But they get really pissed off when they get kicked to the curb and they settled with the pro black simp, the man that they dreaded to be with.

Being the nice guy in my ends is something that no man shouldn’t do. No man, especially a black man shouldn’t be one no matter what the location is. If you goanna be the nice guy in my hood, the girl is goanna play games with you, I guarantee it. I thought that I was being the nice guy but I was trying to mack every single girl I see when I walk into the street, especially when I was involved with narcissistic girl. Now, it’s like just kick her to the curb and move on. When a girl sees a nice guy, when he treats her right, it will easily back fire on him and she’s play him. But when she’s with the worthless man, he will do nothing for her.

For some reason, I do miss North West London. I had some bad memories but some great one though!

Church road


4 thoughts on “Being The Nice Guy In North West London

  1. I think that biracial daughters from SYSBM need to date out also since our farthers hate us because we have black blood. We get abused by our dads a lot as well. No wonder our mothers want to divorce our dads


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