Britain Now

Shaking my head

I’m sick of Britain. I’m sick of its laziness, incompetence, racism, politics, I’m really sick of it. Let me tell you something. Britain is sinking ship and people and putting on their life jackets and jumping of the ship fast. When I was young, I have never seen Britain like this but now I’m getting older, I’m seeing this country going downhill. I have never thought that Britain will go into this level but now it has. It seems like bullshit is the new norm in Britain and it seem it has gone a lot worse now. I really don’t know how and I don’t wanna know why.

Today, my mum’s internet went down and it stopped working all day. She was on the phone to customer service and they say that to turn off the internet box, whatever they call it. The internet provider is Virgin Media and they are honestly shit. I turn it off and then turn it back on and left it there for about a few minutes. The internet didn’t come back on. I did the same thing. The internet hasn’t come back on again. She called customer service and they tell her to do the same thing. And the same thing didn’t work. But I knew that something is wrong with the internet. Something was wrong with the internet technically. When she was on the phone, she found that they didn’t take out the money out of the direct debit and they cut off the broadband. She went absolutely mad. Why didn’t they say that they didn’t take out the money and giving her the run around?

My mum told me that the bill cost £207. For what? Really for what? Virgin Media are thieving bastards, they have no fucking shame! They are just looking for money. And when my mum called me on the phone when I was in Bury Park, Luton, she told me that they haven’t fix the internet. And she said to me that she wants to go to another provider because the customer service was laying to her that they was fixing it and driving the woman the run around. I know that they weren’t goanna fix it and I know they were lying. Customer service has gone downhill in this country and I wish I know why but the shit’s gone downhill.

In 2019, I was heading back home to Watford, Hertfordshire after I was coming from Enfield, North London. I was at London, Euston and I was waiting for the North Western Railway service to Northampton. Me and the other passengers was waiting for over an hour just for the train to departure. Everyone including me was so pissed off. The reason why for the inconvenience because of short of staff. And I was wondering what the head man in charge is doing. It seems like he was doing nothing about it. But I’m not surprised at all because this is British transport. It’s always messes up. I have never seen the British Transport like this before. Never in a million years. Well, 39 years of my life. You see we have train delays, lateness and cancelations. And when something like this happens, people are paying a fortune for travel on these trains.

I was watching a video on Tik Tok and there was this racist beta male saying fuck the black and fuck the paki’s. And his girlfriend was with him sitting next to him as well. I think she covered her face when he said that. But then this white guy reacted of what the beta male said and I give him a huge amount of credit for that. Let me tell you something about racism. There is still racism in Britain. To be honest, it hasn’t even left. The reason why the gingerbread man said what he said racially is because that some of the blacks, Asians and other minorities has better their lives then his and his life is nothing but crappy and he decided to be a unemployed bigot. And the biggest accomplishment he think he has is his skin colour. This is not an accomplishment. It’s an underachievement. And I bet you that this racist baboon is just an lazy dude who is sitting on his high ass all day living off the government.

And speaking of laziness. You see the EDL and the BNP say that the foreigners are talking the jobs away. But when they jobs are available, they don’t apply for them. The jobs are there for them and they are white and they will get these jobs quicker and easier then any other minorities. If they don’t have any experience, they can train you depending of the job. Hey, they can get the jobs way quicker then me and I was born in this country. But why they keep on saying this crap of these foreigners are taking the job way from us and they are not applying for these jobs? Smh!

The government and their lockdowns. We had three lockdowns and all three of them is destroying the economy. Stores closed, small businesses closed down, unemployment going up, and so on. The government was trying to destroy the British economy. They did that during the recession in 2008 and now they are tearing it up in 2021. What issue the government has with the UK economy? I really like to know. What will the government do when the economy crashes and doesn’t recover? The British public will obviously point the fingers at them and blame them because they cause this.

Britain is going through a lot of things. What things? The list is long as a criminal’s rap sheet. The country is done as it is and there is nothing people can do about it. You may laugh on this one but anyway. You see this country, it remind me of Nottingham Forest Football Club. They were winning trophies, won the European cup in 1979 and 1980. But then the Premier League came in the 1992/93 season and Forest got relegated. Now they are in the Championship of the Football League. That is Britain right there, a football team playing in the Championship. I really do have hopes for Britain but as I look at it right now, it looks very doubtful. Things looks extremely bleak.


3 thoughts on “Britain Now

  1. When Black Americans say they want to leave the country because of racism and police brutality, I be thinking that other countries don’t have it all that better. For Black people in other countries living in America is a dream even with its problems

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