Die For It?


Would you die for cooch? That’s the question. Would you fight to the death for a woman’s love? The thing is what will happen if you win the woman’s love and affection? What is the result? But I hope everybody is doing fine. I hope every everyone had a great Valentine’s day. Mine was alright. I was walking to a St Lucian girl lives up a Dunstable, Luton on Whatsapp. To the SYSBM, I hope you had a great time with your snow bunnies. Hope you guys had fun with your white sugar honey between the bed sheets. Squirt inside her and breed it up!

The man is ready to die for the pussy. Oh wow!

This made me laugh!

So the short man with muscle is willing to die for the pum pum. Really though? And he calls himself alpha male? Really though? Alpha males don’t fight for the clit. They make sure that the women answer to them. And also, how many black men have died all because of the punany? You see, it’s not worth fighting for the sweetness which is located between the woman’s legs as it’s a losing situation. Well, because the two men who are fighting for the tun tun, one will end up in jail, the other man will end up in the grave and the woman will get dick down by the next thug.

A woman’s clit is extremely dangerous for men. It’s more dangerous then a loaded gun. If you are in a woman’s house and she is giving some serious punany, then her simp comes in the house and sees you with his woman, your already a dead man. Listen, do you how many black men die for the cooch and go prison for the couch? Trust me; there are a number of simps in the grave all because of the pum pum punany. I have done an article called It’s Not Worth It Black Man when I explained about black men fighting for woman.

In the video, I know that the harlot is in the house must of been waiting for them to scrap it out. And that’s what she wants. She wants the short dude with the muscle and the guy who is taller then him fight it out in the bedroom. And we know what will happen in this kind of situations. One end up in the cemetery, one ends up in prison and the woman is getting her fuck on with another dude from the street. So something like this ain’t worth fighting for because the third man is ready to get some while the two simps are fighting over her.

And you know something? the muscle bound simp was fighting for his ex girlfriend. Yeah, the man is fighting for a woman that is his ex. I guess that she didn’t do nothing to stop him and watch him get is ass beat, just to get rid of him. And the tall guy is not fazed by the muscle simp at all because the girl must of told him that the fool is just a chump who ain’t goanna do shit. One white guy at Garston, Watford said that clit is dangerous. He meant to see a chick up at Bushey that night but he’s change his mind. Now I how why.


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