When They Complain About Black Men


When they complain about black men. What are the feminist heifers are complaining about when it comes to the brothers? When these scraggle daggles come together, they did discuss about black men and complain about what black men are doing wrong in their lives. They spend too much time about what are black men saying “Black men ain’t doing this and black men ain’t doing that” while these scraggle daggles go for the worse type of black men. These ghetto women will bitch and complain about black men while their choosing dog shit!

What do they complain about? Oh boy! These ghetto ratchet black women complain about black men can’t provide, they have no jobs, they don’t take care of their children, they’re broke, blah, blah blah and while these ghetto ratchet black women go for the worse type of black men who is a felon, a worthless man, a hopeless men, a bum, an unproductive man and so on and so on. You see, you know when these ghetto hoodrats are looking for a good black man; they will reject him and go for the hopeless man like Ken The Scrub, Street Mice, Cell Block Scrappy, Des The Drunk, Machete Man Briggy and Rum Head Frasier.

As these ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans have children, mostly multiple children, then they chase after the good black man. But then the good black man sees the daggle and sees a single mother of a whole leap of children, he will say “What the fuck? Why she have a football squad of children?” and then walk off in a flash because he will never want to be with a woman with children. And as the good black man says that he will not date a woman with children, these ghetto scragglies will go into rage mode and attack him. But that’s mostly on social media.

As thinking black men talk about these scraggle daggles that have children with with the wrong dudes, the good black man will listen to this and start to think “That shit is true. These ghetto harlots are chasing after me and I have to hide under the couch as a man who has no children and well off.” Not only that these ghetto ratchet black women get upset of the good black man who will never date a single mother, these simps are upset as well because these good black men will not start and marriage or a relationship with a single mother. So these simps will not hesitate to defend these scraggly hoodrats and come after the good black man just to please these ghetto queens that they worship. However, these ghetto ratchet black women will be lusting for 357 Jimmy, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Corner Boy Ronney, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Fred.

These ghetto feminist hoodrats need to stop complaining about what black men are doing wrong. Because these scraggs will choose the worse type of black man and most of the time, that’s what they really want. They want Shawn The Felon Man or an Ike Turner that will give them a uppercut and kick them up while they are on the floor. First, we hear these daggles saying where are the good black men and now they are complain about black men. First up, there are good black men but it’s just they prefer Ike Turner type dude that will use them as a punching bag. And they complain about black men don’t do this and don’t do that while they choose the hopeless black man.


5 thoughts on “When They Complain About Black Men

  1. Money Cultural.

    I fully agree with you bro 100 percent. As a childfree black man at 38, I refuse to date single mothers and black women because they are always picking the worst type of black man to have kids with, then they complain about the same men who are not living up to their responsibilities but bitch you did that to yourself.

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