Jamaica Women Do Cheat


Right, we all know that Jamaican men cheat. That is true. And they do cheat when they are married and that is wrong. And it’s also dangerous as well because if a man cheats and the wife divorces him, he will lose everything. He will lose his house, his cars, has to pay alimony, he has to pay the dreaded child support, he will lose everything that he has and I mean every single fucking thing, all because of pum pum! Yeah, everyone does have a weakness and the biggest weakness for a man is what the woman has between her legs. However, Jamaican woman cheat too. You don’t believe me?

Why do you think there are so many Jamaican women getting killed by their boyfriends or husbands? Because they have another man on the side. The Jamaican men shoot them, stab them, chop off their heads, all because that these scraggs are giving him bun (Jamaican term for cheating or having someone else) Look, I like that Jamaican men will have a side chick or more the one but these women getting slaughtered by their hubbies or boyfriends because they have someone else in the relationship and they are taking the man for a fool because she is using him financially. Everything is about money nowadays, especially in a relationship.

I have written an article called Jamaican Men Ain’t Playing Around Anymore when I explained about men in Jamaica are killing off their spouse or girlfriends because these scraggle daggles have another man on the side. Then I did another one called Jamaican women Losing Their Heads when I talked about Jamaican women getting killed by their boyfriends and husbands. And I did a next article of Why This Is Happening of me explaining why something like this is happening in Jamaica.

There is a whole leap of murder/suicides going down in Jamaica. And it’s the Jamaican men killing off their significant other in the small beautiful island, all because of a love triangle. The famous one is when a solider from the Portmore parish killed his wife because he find out that she had a side dude. After when he execute her, he then kill himself. The story is now famous for all the wrong reasons now. If you are in a relationship and you are with a good for nothing narcissist who has someone else that they want more then you, why you just leave the relationship and move on to someone else better? And there was another story of man in Jamaica who beheaded is wife because he find out that six of his children was not his. Fuck! 😮

The reason why these something like this happening is because that these type of men have been hurt before in the past and then when these ratchet harlots come into their lives and gives them the same treatment like the other girls did in the past, they suddenly snap and just kill the Jamaican women off. These women are using these men financially and not loving them of who they are. I had a conversation with my friend from Kingsbury, North West London about this two years ago about this topic of Jamaican women getting their heads sliced off. And we talked about Jamaican men dating single mothers as well and that was three years ago when we was walking down Wembley Park.

When they say that Jamaican men cheat and they have more they one woman, I do agree on that because I have seen Jamaican men having more then one woman, especially when she is unattractive. However, Jamaican women cheats as well, especially in marriage as well. (That’s just so fucking terrible no matter if it’s a man or woman). She will have another man on the side while she is using her boyfriend or husband for financial reasons. She may have more then one man on the side. Yeah there are women like this, trust me. If a man defends this and says that “Jamaican women never cheat!” he’s just saying that just to get something that his woman is giving to someone else. And that is the punany.


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