The Scragglies Against The Black Two Parent Household

black mom

They are in preparations of destroying the black two parent home.

How many single mothers in so called black community? There is a lot of single mothers in the black community and I mean loads of them. Look at in the United States of America. 77 per cent of black women are raising children by their own. Britain is around 49 per cent. Since black women took up feminism, they have kicked the man out of the household and replaced it with government assistance. Now the so called black community is run by the black matriarch. But also, these scraggle daggles are against the two parent home of the black race. And they will stop at nothing to destroy the black family structure.

These scraggle daggles who are not capable of raising children will stop at nothing to take down the black family. Let me tell you something, right. These are not smart women. They think that the family structure is raising a child in a one in a single mother household. And when thinking black men looks at this, they start to think “Na, I wanna raise a child in a two parent home.” And when these ghetto gaggers disagree, thinking black men just walk away from them and never look back.

The ghetto hoodrats feel that these children will turn out to be fine when they grow up if they raise them in a single mother household but when the child becomes an adult, if it’s a boy, he will grow up to a criminal or develop feminine characteristics. And if it’s a girl then she will repeat the circle like her mother. When they see a black man and a black woman raising a family in a two parent structure, these scraggle daggles will show nothing but hatred, envy and bitterness towards it. But they are raising children by their own and the child doesn’t even know who is their father is.

And here this shit. You see these simps, pro wanks and captain save a hoes, they want thinking black men to wife up these scraggle daggles who has children. There is no way that these men will take care of these single mothers who had children with Ruff Cut Larry, Colt Five Rounds, Cell Block Scrappy, Street Mice, Rum Smuggler Don, Ganja Boss Dennis and Collie Weed Lenny. Why don’t these simps marry these ghetto scraggs then if they aways by their damn side, defending them and shit? Because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t wanna be with these simps or marry them. They want the ruff, rugged and ready type men that these simps are no match for.

As the thinking black men talk about the wretchedness of black women, these simps, black cucks, captain save a hoes, ghetto soy boys and the oil of olay men are defending these ghetto gagging scraggs and become their attacks dogs just to get that universal credit punany. This what these simps think about when they are in the defensive mode of these ghetto harridans who is against the two parent home of the black race while they are raising a football team of children.

These harridans are willing to eliminate the black family structure but when they have two, three, five, ten, fifteen or twenty five children, all of a sudden they are looking for a good black man to be the clean up man. However, the good black men will not take care of a woman who is a single mother because he will take care of a child that doesn’t have his DNA. It doesn’t make sense if these scraggs chase after the good black man while they rejected him earlier on while chasing after worthless dudes. Let the simps deal with these harlots as they are so eager to be the clean up man.


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