Vaccinating Africa


This is a rant. One serious rant!

Bill Gates is a wicked man; he’s the most wickedest man on the planet ever! He’s a true 666 man. The evil nerd is bringing the vaccine into Africa and the vaccine is nothing but poison. I have never seen anyone like this in my 39 years of my life. Everybody knows that this coronavirus thing was planned and the government are using the African people as lab rats with this mysterious but dangerous vaccine. The Europeans are taking the resources from Africa for many, many years and now they are bringing this shit in Africa.

And you what else, they won’t test the vaccine in Europe but only in Africa? It’s all about money. That’s what it is! It’s all about profit. They don’t care about the African people them or people around the world. Why do they love turning Africa upside down with their diseases over the years? I really like to know. The motherland has been abused so many times by the European government with their crap. And it’s their damn governments that is doing this.

Bill Gates is a wicked man. A real wicked man. Why he wanna bring this dangerous vaccine to Africa and it in other countries? Man, I talk passionate when shit like this happens. How do people know that the vaccine is safe? We know about the government doing some crooked shit and they do it often. But I really wanna know why the hell they are bringing to this lethal antidote into Africa? Why do they always use African people as guinea pigs? They are human beings as well.

Bill Gates is doing this fart because the nerd is losing his fortune. Note to the African, run out Bill Gate’s bomba claat out of Africa! Run out his bomba claat! I’m not African. I was born in North West London, England and my mother and father is Jamaican but they are shagging up Africa too often. Everyone in Africa, run out Bill Gates pussy claat and I mean every fucking one! Run out him pussy!

He’s doing this because he’s losing his fortune. And he’s bringing that fucking shit vaccine which is people don’t know what the fucking hell it is. Run that fuck whole out of the motherland. Listen, there is a Jamaican saying of “Duppy know who fi frighten” which means a ghost knows who goanna frighten and its Bill Gates that duppy is goanna frighten. Yeah man. Everyone around the world, say no to this damn vaccine. There just profiting. That’s all is about.

This is a real serious rant and most of the time on Money Cultural, I explain things what I see in life and the things I have experienced. But this is something I wanna talk about. The man above the sky is watching you know. And it’s Bill Gates that he’s watching. He has something for him. Yeah man, the man in the sky got a surprise in store for him you know. And it’s a big suprise!

They will never leave Africa alone!


5 thoughts on “Vaccinating Africa

  1. Money Cultural.
    I lost respect for Bill Gates because he wants to test Africa with some new dangerous vaccine. How fucking dare he because he thinks to Africans don’t have the right to be here on this earth when they’re human like us as well and they have the same basic human rights like everyone else to live a normal life. I fucking hate Bill Gates because he is trying to play God with Africans lives and he is a down right racist.

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  2. I’m sick and tired of Bill Gates myself, I’m also sick and tired of the lamestream press promoting him as if his some kind of benevolent guy trying to save the world from impending doom when we know the complete opposite to be true and we can clearly observe this from his abysmal track record with “vaccine programs” in the past and present.

    Agreed, DMX being a man who was in the knowledge should’ve known better than to take that shot, however what’s done is done now. Perhaps others who would’ve lined up behind him to get the jab will now think twice before subjecting themselves to Bill Gates’ bioweapon.

    I really cannot understand how blacks and other non whites believe all of a sudden that Bill Gates is a changed man, the guy is a Eugenicist by bloodline and profession, disguising his population reduction schemes through so called “philanthropy”. In short he’s a cold blooded killer and the sooner that people realise this the better.

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