He Needs To Focus On His Wife

black marriage

Boy people, the railway workers must of work hard all night to put D Derail back on the tracks. Jesus Christ brudda! On Friday 16th October 2020, I was watching the live stream called Who Created The S.Y.S.B.M Movement on The Prophet Of Thought channel on YouTube. The author of Negro Wars Babatunde Umanh assassinate D Derell with logic after logic after logic after he says that it was found by YouTuber Mad Bus Driver X in 2012. And D Derell aka The Deralied Train said that S.Y.S.B.M was created by white supremacy. And the red pill as well. The man really needs to watch The Matrix, smh!

All this man was doing is defending, siding and licking up to these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles because the good black man is not dating, be in a relationship or marrying these heifers of the ghetto. But hold up! Just a hold up a damn minute! This man is married, right? Why the fuck is this man is defending these good for nothing ghetto gaggers and he’s a married man? Is he trying to get some punany from these scraggly women that he’s defending?

The man needs to focus on thing and that is wife. He shouldn’t be focus on these weave wearing, skin bleaching, multiple baby having ghetto harridans that prefer the thugs, the criminals, the worthless man, the hopeless individuals and the unproductive men. If I was a married man you think I will be focusing on this whorish daggles? Fuck no, even though I don’t see my self as a husband, I will refuse to defend these scraggly hoodrats, let alone be with them in a relationship. These simps will defend these dysfunctional ghetto gagging hoodrats and this is one of the reason why the so called black community is in shambles because these simps are not calling out the fuckery what these harlots are doing.

There is one thing that the derailed simp should know. He’s a married man in the so called black community. And in the community, marrige is prohibited. Just like raising children in a two parent home. They only allow single motherhood in the black community and the matriarchy has been celebrated and embraced. They have be trying to destroy patriarchy for over fifty years and still trying the tear it apart. And the white beta males are breeding these ghetto scragglies as well and leaving them with mix children and making these hoodrats raisning them by their own.

Here’s the thing right. Does his wife know that he’s defending these good for nothing scraggly dagglies? Because I know that these simps will defend these ratchet harridan just to get some punany. So if he’s doing that bullshit, she must be wondering “Why is he defending these whores and he’s married to me?” So she must be questioning her simp husband “Are you trying to fuck these nasty hoodrats? Are you trying to get side pussy? Man, I’ll fuck your face up nigah!”

D Derell needs to focus on his wife and nobody else. He needs to stop thinking that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are perfect. All they bring is chaos, destruction, mayhem and carnage. These hoodrats don’t like these simps who are licking up to them. They are in a huge lust for 357 Jimmy, Knife man Priest, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Ruff Neck Desmond, Five Round and Ruff Cut Larry. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats belong to the street and they are on the welfare system which they won’t come off it. This dude is goanna derail of the train tracks once again and how? By his wife leaving him when she hands him the divorce papers.

derailment 2


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