Jamaican Men Walking Away From Jamaican Women


I must admit, the Jamaican women is one of the most sexist women in the world. But now, Jamaican men are walking away from them!

Why Jamaican men are walking away from Jamaican women? Ah shit, time to spit some fire! Back in the day, the men from that pretty little island want some of that Jamaican pudding and I know about Jamaican Pudding because I had it before. Go look at my five part miniseries Jamaican Pudding when I explained about me with Jamaican women. But anyhow, why Jamaican men are walking away from the woman who was royal to them? Because Jamaican man have seen the ratchet dysfunction with Jamaican women. And when they see the ratchet behaviour with Jamaican women they say “Bomba claat, mi can’t deal with this shit house. Mi gone!

What are Jamaican men are seeing with Jamaican women which is making them walking way from them? Well, it’s the weave wearing, skin bleaching, single motherhood, fighting another woman for a man, giving her boyfriend or husband bun (meaning cheating on her husband/boyfriend), whoring around, using a man financially, playing games, having a next man’s child, there is so much shit with these women from Jamaica. I have done the article called S.Y.S.B.M Jamaica and I explained about Jamaican men leaving Jamaican women and dating non black women because they will not deal with the ratchetness of Jamaican women.

There is another reason as well why they are walking away from these scragglies as well. They are walking way from these Jamaican hoodrats because is because these ghetto daggles remind them as their mothers, aunts, grandmothers; they’re female siblings and their female cousins. So it was like there is no way that they are dealing with any scraggly women that act like women in their family.

As these Jamaican men walking away from these weave wearing, ghetto daggles, these women don’t want these men are all. They want the worthless men like Ghetto Man Nell, Ganja Man Phil, Stretchers, Lanky Boy Cheddar, Tiger Man, Swanies, Rasta Lion and Kingston Boy Ratta. As these ghetto dungle women have children with them, these men will not take care of their off springs. I have seen this so many times in that Jamaican men not taking care of their children they have with these women. And these women end up with a so called gyaliss who is nothing but a simp who is willing to take care of another man child or children. Like I stated before that Jamaican men enjoying being with women with children.

Jamaican men have tried to find a good decent woman from Jamaica but all they get is someone that his ratchet. So they decided to look for woman outside their race because they don’t wanna deal with the wretchedness of the Jamaican woman. These ghetto harridans of the island will be vex because they see a Jamaican man with a non black woman and have a family with her but these women can’t say nothing with them competing with the white woman by wearing weave and copying the white woman’s hairstyle. I guess that these Jamaican men who are with non black women have standards because they don’t want a woman that is ratchet.


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