The Ambitious black male


We all know that the heterosexual black male is a target to the ghetto ratchet hoodrat black women and the simps that always defend them. And also we know that the thinking black men are getting targeted by the ghetto hoodrats and the simps. However, the thinking men knows how to defend themselves. I’m one of the men that have to take on the hoodrats and the simps on Money Cultural because they fell like I shouldn’t talk about what is going on in the so called black community. But what about the ambitious black male?

You see, he is also another target for the ratchet black women and all the simps mostly. A black man who has ambition and goals, the simp will have nothing but hatred towards him. This is nothing new but the simps that get no punany from these scraggle daggles, they are against the heterosexual black male and the thinking black man. I know that there is a war between the black man and the black woman but there is a war between the black man and the simp.

As these ghetto gaggers going down the gutter, these simps are going down with them while they are defending them when thinking black men are talking about the bad behaviour of ratchet black women. And we know that these scraggs don’t even like these simps who always lick up to them. They want the rough, rugged and ready types like 375 Jimmy, Big Dick Tyrone, Street Mice and Six Shooter Derrick.

Why are these simps are coming after ambitious black men? Is because that these simps can’t do what the ambitious black men can do. The ambitious black man is confidence in himself and these simps don’t have any. They are just worthless as the women they are defending. The only thing these simps think about is which punany they are goanna fuck. However, they get played by these whorish women who will give the pum pum to Mac 12, Cell Block Scrappy, Weed Make Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Ruff Cut Larry.

These simps are nothing but failures just like the women they are defending. When you have these rappers using the term haters, now I understand. These simps will hate on another black men just like these ghetto ratchet black feminist hoodrats who has a basketball team of children and living off the government that I don’t support but these harridans don’t even give a fuck about these simps, black cucks, captain save a hoes, pro blacks, ghetto soy boys and oil of olay men who worship these harridans.



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