Jamaican Pudding Part 5: What Do I Think About Jamaican Woman Now?


The final part is here of what was something which was dear to my heart and I mean it was dear to my heart. As I went memory lane when I thought about the first chick that my family never liked, the Kingston heifer who was using me and may lied to me about her going to Manchester, the Christian with the four children and the parcel who sold herself cheaply, has two children with no father around, a user and willing to spread her legs to any man, I was thinking that those encounters was just a sexual thing even though I haven’t had any sexual intercourse with the one my family didn’t like and the using heifer from Kingston. And the dark pudding? Well, I haven’t heard from her since 2012 but whatever she is doing, I wish her best.

What Do I Think About Jamaican Women Now?

Right, what do I feel about them now? With their gold digging ways, whorish behaviour, being single mothers, wearing weave, bleaching their skin, it was like “Na I’m good!” Because as a black man, you don’t want a woman like that. After with the parcel and the Christian woman, it was like “I’m good bro!” Some of the women in Jamaica are whorish and the parcel proved it to me. When a man is looking for a woman, he doesn’t want a scraggle daggle because of the problems come along with it.

The four kids having Christian didn’t want to tell me that she has a next man, so she was treating me as a side man. And also I didn’t want a ready made family, especially with the parcel. And what I’m goanna tell you will feel sick to your stomach. You see the Christian who has the four children? Well, she had the second child with her cousin. Look, I kid you not. She got breed by her cousin. Incest does happen in Jamaica.

And the other one, the parcel? Well, she shouldn’t be playing games to a man from Brent, North West London. Why? Because I know that the girls in North West London will play games with the man if being nice to them. So the parcel who tried to play games with me like some narcissist while selling her pum pum and also spreading it around.

Some of my family members say that go for the parcel. I swear to the most high, I did not make this up. I don’t want a woman who is a gold digging narcissist, a cheap sex worker, a single mother and a community girl who was spread out her punany all over the district. Do you know how many men have ram their dick in her punany of hers? I was wondering if she has sex with those guys without condoms. Because if she did, then she better do an AIDS/HIV test. The Christian told me that she says saw her at a bashment in Kingston and she told me that the parcel had anal sex with a Spanish homosexual. The horror! — The horror!

Things are diffrent in the land of the yellow, green and black because the men in Jamaica are killing of their wives or girlfriends. The reason why they are terminating them is that the women in their lives have another man on the side. Have done three articles of Jamaican Men Ain’t Playing Around Anymore, Jamaican Women Losing their heads and Why This Is Happening when I’m explaining Jamaican men murdering their wives and girlfriends with the quickness.

In 12th January 2020 in Portmore, St. Catherine, a solider kills his wife when he found out she has a next  man. After when he kill his wife, he kill himself. And there was another man kill his woman in the summer of 2019. He chopped her head off and set the body on fire. The man who killed the woman was cold about him killing the woman. And in 2015, a man did an DNA test on 5 of his children and not even one was his. So he murdered his partner when he found out that the children was not his.

A whole leap of murder suicide in Jamaica because these Jamaican women are breaking Jamaican men hearts. With the ratchet behaviour with Jamaican women, the men from Jamaica are going S.Y.S.B.M. I have written an article called S.Y.S.B.M Jamaica when I explaining Jamaican men walking away from Jamaican women and being with non black relationships. When Jamaican men see a huge amount of women from different races when they come to England, they forget the Jamaican women especially when they go into the United States of America.

You guys must be wondering why I dealt with Jamaican women. Because they are charming. They are very, very charming. And that’s what happened to me. I fall under their charm. Jamaican women are sexy. Well some of them are and they are charming but I wouldn’t recommend any man  dating a woman from Jamaica because of their bad reputation they have and I seen it with the gold digging heifer, the parcel and the Christian as an example. Would I do something like this ever again? I would date any women but I’m making sure that I keep my standards in check.


No matter what, the Jamaican pudding was sweet though.


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