Jamaican Pudding Part 4: The Dark Pudding


Close to the final part of something which was dear to my heart. And it was another sexual encounter. When I was in Jamaica in 1999, I was on the road with my mum. I think she was talking to two women and one of them was a fat woman with two children and the father was not around. There was a fatty that was having a bath. I wasn’t looking! Like I’m interested, fuck that! They were having a conversation while the woman was bathing. And then, the woman said that she hope to meet an English man that will take care of me. And I said “No way!” My mum and the other woman were laughing.

Here’s the thing. Even though that there are some fine woman in that pretty little island, every single time when they see a man from the United Kingdom and from the United States, they think they have money. It seems like they are looking for a saviour to save them. And the heifer is a single mother. You think a man from the United Kingdom will take care a woman with children? Well, there are men are with women with children in the United Kingdom so what can I say.

The Dark Pudding

I was still in Jamaica clearing my head from the Christian browning and the While Hall parcel that pass herself around from one man to another. My sister’s husband knows this girl in Daverns Pen, St Thomas. When I saw the girl on his mobile phone, she has the most darkest skin with a thick body and her ass push up. So me and him went to Daverns Pen. Let me tell you something. The place is beautiful and Jamaica is a pretty place. It’s the most beautiful country I have ever seen. The place is special. So I met the dark coffee girl. Me and her hug and walk down the street together, holding hands. She lifts up her sleeve and saw my tattoos on my right arm. She says “Wow!”

We went to her house. Me and her was talking. I was lying down on her bed. She begins to look into my pants. She says that she was just checking. So I say to her to take off her pink shorts off. She took it off. I saw some of that dark pudding punany. I went on top of her and we begin to have sex, mad sex. She climbs on top of me and she was riding me like crazy. My mind went “Oh My God!” When we finished, me and her kissed.

We were in the living room watching a horror movie. Later on, she went to have a bath. I was sitting down on her bed. She comes out of the bathroom. She climbs on top of me with her towel on. We begin to make love wildly on the bed and on the floor. I was behind her and she was bent down. It was getting dark and I was heading to White Hall. I said goodbye to her and I head back with my brother in law.

It was the next day and she called my brother in law to talk to me. She wanted to see me again. The next day I meet up with her up at Daverns Pen. Me and her went to Morant Bay and we had a bite to eat. She ask me when I’m goanna see her again. And I said I don’t know. I was thinking “Oh boy!” After we finish eating, we went to back to Daverns Pen. She bought food for me. That was very nice of her.

Me and her went back to Daverns Pen. I was at her place laying sitting on her bed. She walks into the bedroom and she went to top of me wearing her mini skirt with no panties. We begin to make wild love. She was on top of me and then I was on top of her. I was making love to her like mad. Yo, it was hot like fire! After we had wild sex, me and the dark pudding was watching a Jamaican play on DVD.

We didn’t finish watching the DVD because she said that if we want to have sex for one last time. And I said yes. She climbed on top of me again and she was riding me like some cow girl and she was a thick proportionate girl too. I went on up of her making wild love on the bed. We were having wild sex for about a few minutes. After that, she was upset, crying because I was going back to England the next day.

When I was at Whitehall, I went to dead yard with my cousin. After when we was heading back to his aunt’s house, I told him that she was crying because I was heading back to England. He said that you are lover boy. When I return to England, I contacted her. I have only contacted her twice. She never called me though. The last time I have spoken to her was in 2012.

To Be Continued


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