Jamaican Pudding Part 3: The Christian


Part 3 of something which was dear to my heart. Yes, there is sexual nature in this but we don’t hold no punches. Here this right. Why every single time these ghetto ratchet harridans get upset when a childless black man don’t wanna date a single mother? These ghetto gagging hoodrats don’t want a good black man. They want the man who is hopeless, worthless and unproductive. And they have kids with these men for goodness sake. After when they have children with these hopeless men, then they begin chasing good black men with the quickness. And when good black men see these scraggly women, they run faster then a one 100 meter runner. I want no man to set me up with a woman. Why? She might be a single mother! Fuck that! Now, let’s get into it Jamaican erotica.

The Christian

Now let me take you back to 1999 with the Christian browning that could have been my wife and the mother of my children. Look, I wanted to marry this woman. I wanted to have a family with her, have a nice home with three AMG Mercs in the driveway in Stanmore, North West London but then something changed down the road. It was 1999 when I met her with her cousin. Both of us smiled at each other. It was straight up chemistry you, get me? When I was in North West London, I was writing to her until I began a relationship in England in August 1999 but the relationship ended in September 2000. And then after that, I had the worse girlfriend I have ever fucking had. It was late 2001 and I written to her and then she replied to me saying that she is fine and doing alright in Jamaica. She asks me for money. Yeah, I know guys!

I continue to write to the Christian browning a few times in the beginning of 2002 numerous times. She wrote back to me with two letters in the envelope. One of the letter she says that the girl I was with before was looking at her funny. Damn! I started a relationship in 2002 and ended in the summer. I did think about her but she didn’t write back to me. Rush into 2004 and I have written to her and she replied to me. She send three photos of her and one of them she was wearing a blue dress. Devil in a blue dress hu, Lol!

Right through 2004 and 2005, I was writing to her. I was thinking about the Christian browning until in mid 2005 when my older sister when to Jamaican to see her now husband. I ask her to send a letter to give to her. I think it was two weeks later, my sister came back from Jamaica and she says to me that she is not a good person; she says that you didn’t give her money and she says that she that she has no man and so on. I went “Oh man!” So I went home and written a letter to her that I don’t want her.

I was so disappointed. So, so disappointed with her. And here this. In 2006, my mum told me that she was pregnant. So she wants to be a single mother. When I was in Jamaica attending my sister’s wedding, I saw her in the street in Whitehall. Me and her talked and so on. And she said that things just happened with her and the baby father. Right money nation. I have three things to say. First, she had a baby by her friend. Second, the baby boy was born on august 6th and mine is August 4th and the third, the baby has my name as a middle name. You must be wondering what is going on here.

It was 2007 and I saw the Christian browning and her son who has his middle name my name and he was crawling. Me and her was talking about being together which will never happen. It was a wet day in Whitehall and the rain keep coming and going. I was with her and then we start kissing. I tell you, she is a good kisser. I was surprised on that. However, me and her didn’t had sexual intercourse.

I went to Jamaica in December 2010 and I saw the Christian browning. I heard she had a second child. Me and her hug and we start talking. One evening I went to see her. I call her name out of her house. She opens the door and she lets me in. We were sitting down together talking. And then we start kissing passionately. Like I said, she was a very good kisser. I was kissing all over her neck. She holds my face and just kiss my lips. Look, she just fucking devoured them. That evening was just nothing but serious lip locking.

The sex between us two? Oh boy! She asks me to say for the night and I said yes. Everyone went to sleep and me and the Christian browning share the same bed together. The brown skin Christian was wearing a black lingerie dress. She was touching my private parts and I was touching between her legs. She let me let go inside her and we begin to have sexual intercourse. I was loving every bit of it. When we finished what we were doing under the bed sheets, she was upset with me because I cum inside her. She wasn’t happy about me exploding in her. She says that she want children when she gets married. But she’s a two time baby mother. I saw her when I was at the street. She was worried that she might get pregnant. She also say that she feel something in her stomach. But she didn’t get pregnant.

I went to Kingston Town with her on Christmas. It was a Boxing Day morning and me and woke up. She lifts up her jeans skirt. I tell you she had a nice ass. So me and her had sex for a about a few minutes. It was hot like fire. She was moaning and groaning saying “Yes, Jesus!” Yeah man, I was hitting the G – Spot good, lol. We finished have sex and me and her was talking. I was sitting next to her and all I saw were tears rolling down her face because I was going back to England.

When I came back to England, I was starting to think of what my friends and cousins said to me that she has a boyfriend. At first, I didn’t believe them but I started to think. I went to my grandmother’s funeral in 2012. My grandmother died as a single mother by the way. I was at my aunt’s house and I was drinking with my cousin and his friends. I ask my sister about the Christian browning and she says that she’s pregnant. Everyone start laughing. Even I kind of laughed as well. And I did found out that she had a boyfriend after all.

I saw here for the very last time and I saw the baby. She had a baby girl. She was explaining to me about what happened and she also said that it just happened. But she has a boyfriend. That was the last time I have ever seen her. When I was talking to my friend and my cousin about her, I was asking why she never told me about her boyfriend before? And my friend said that she probably afraid to tell me. If she did told me that she had a boyfriend, I don’t think she’ll let me go. The Christian browning did disappoint me and the other brown sugar was spreading her punany all over White Hall and maybe in other parts in Jamaica. However, I forgot about them in a instant when I met a girl with the most darkest skin I’ve have even seen!

To Be Continued


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