Jamaican Pudding Part 2: The Parcel


Part 2 of something which was dear to my heart and I said was! Part 1, I explained of two of my exes from the pretty little island know as Jamaica and now I’m talk out one browning that I meet in 2006. As I remind you that this contains some sexual nature and I know all of you ain’t goanna be in shock but I know that you guys are goanna go “Ah shit!” I call this one the parcel. You must be wondering why is she called a parcel? Well people, your goanna find out why.

The Parcel

It was 24th September 2006. I went to Jamaica for the first time since 1999. I went to Jamaica with my mum and my first older sister because my sister was getting married there. When I was at Whitehall, I was hanging around the district with my cousin’s friends. We went to this girl’s house. As I go in, I saw this brown skin woman lying down on her bed. Me and her was talking for a while and I went on my way. I found out that she had a son. Smh! And I also found out that she had a boyfriend. Well, somewhere.

It was the next day and I visit the brown sugar. I was chatting with her for a bit. I start kissing her, and then I was licking her belly button. (Feel like it’s 1999 again). I told her that I will see her again. Oh, she had another child as well. Smh! And I gave her money as well. Don’t ask me why. I attended my sister’s wedding and the reception was off the hook. It was wild! I was dancing with one woman to another. It was a Sunday evening and I was with her. Both of us was walking together around the district. She was wearing a red shirt and a red skirt.

Me and her went to her house. Her mum and her two sisters was there watching television. We head to the bedroom and we sit down on the bed. I begin kissing her lips. Then I was kissing her thighs, them juicy brown thighs. I was being the love God that night. I lift up her T – Shirt and sucked both of her breasts. I was whispering words in her ear while I was kissing her passionately. Then, the oral sex came along. There was moaning and groaning. Then more oral pleasure come once again. When the night was over we both kissed and we said goodnight to each other.

It was the next day. I went to her house to make love to her. We went into her bedroom. We both start to kiss. She closes the house door. She comes back in the bedroom. We kiss once again. There was oral pleasure in the bedroom. Just pure moaning and groaning. She says “Put on the condom on.” I knew it was time to fuck. I put the condom and she lay down on the bed. She opens her legs to me. I said to her “Do you want me to take my time?” and she says “Yes, if you want too.” I went to top of her and we begin to have sex. I tell you it was mind blowing.

I was ready to climax. My mind exploded with this sexual encounter with brown sugar. Then as I climaxed, I saw the sexual expression on her face. Both of us cum together. I didn’t know what to think really. I was speechless but it was amazing. My mind went to out of space and it didn’t came back. I know that she had a boyfriend but he wasn’t in the district.

I was playing football with friends and family members. I saw this nice looking chick walking down the street. Then I saw her later in the evening. I was talking to her walking her home. Then the brown sugar saw me walking with the chick. I came back, she was not happy at all. She showed that jealousy that was fucking fiery. She said bye to me and walked off.

It was a Friday night and I went to see her. She still wasn’t happy. She says “Come Donovan!” So I went into her house and enter the bedroom. She was still in an envious trance. I try to talk to her about it but she wasn’t hearing it. She was making it hard for me. I try to talk to her and the browning was still not bugging. And when I was chatting to her, then she started to cry. We both hugged and put it behind us. I was at her house for a while and her jealous stance has disappeared, finally.

She walks into her bedroom with her towel on after she finish having a bath. She took off her towel and I saw her naked. I was thinking “Oh my goodness!” She puts on her clothes and sit next to me. I just feel the sexual magic that she cast on me. I told her to slide her knickers down. She lifts up her skirt and slide them panties down. I was fingering her punany for about a few minutes. She was feeling it when I was hitting her G – Spot. Then the oral pleasure occurs. There was deep moaning and groaning in the bedroom. The sexual connection between me and her is deep. And I mean so, so deep!

The next day, me and her was having passionate sex. I was between her thighs once more and yes, I was using protection. It was the final day in Jamaica. I saw her for the last time. I stayed with her. Me and her was chilling and her sisters was there as well. After I was leaving the house, she said to me “See you in a couple of years.” We both kissed and she went back inside. My uncle who is young then I am went with me told me that she was goanna cry.

A year later, I see her again but things were different. And I mean very different. I went to visit her. We were outside of her house talking. Then she said that “What have you bought from me from England?” and I said nothing. Then things went silent. I was seeing her for a few times but nothing was happening. In other words she was playing me. And the reason why is that I didn’t bring her anything from Britain. So I was talking to other girls, chatting them up and so on. She found out that I was with another girl because some simp snitched on me. He wanted her but the girl was with me. She was upset about it. We chat about and then I went on my way.

I was at my aunt’s house and friend told me that she has a boyfriend. But I know about the boyfriend but here this. Oh my God, you guys are goanna laugh. I heard that she has sex with a man for one hundred dollars. In British sterling, it’s fifty seven pence. I started to think I’m done with this bitch. And I know hat she has a whole leap of man so there is no way I’m going near that. But I did some freaky stuff with two girls though.

I did see her in 2010 but nothing much happened. And they I seen her in 2012 when I went for my grandmother’s funeral. People were there digging her her grave site to prepare her burial, drinking rum, talking, making jokes, laughing and so on. Then I saw her. Me and her hugged. She says that what have I bought for her from England. And she was saying that she was broke. I gave her some money which was a bad thing and regret it since. I saw her a few times at her home. We kissed but no intimacy.

I was at a dance outside big shop. The D.J was playing dancehall music, everyone is dancing, everybody was having a good time. I saw her at the dance. She was standing next to a man and then I see both of them holding hands. When I saw that I was like “That was it. I’m fucking done with her!” I was ready to move on from this ghetto hoodrat of the district. She has more then one man, she acts like a slut, she prostituted herself cheaply, she has two kids which the father is absent, you think any man want that? I had a great night with her two sisters but I rejected that fool who is single mother with two children and spread her pum pum all over the place. I was ignoring her when we walk past each other numerous times because she knew that she fucked up. And one of my cousin’s friend said to me that she says to come see her. My mind went “What?”

I was ignoring her over and over again. I didn’t even look at her when I walk past her when I’m walking around the district. But I didn’t give a shit anyhow. I didn’t wanna deal with that fool that will spread her punany around the district. The whore of Whitehall was just a parcel from Royal Mail that was passed around, for dick. And she sells herself cheaply? And she wanted to play games with a man that is street? And she has two kids with no daddy around? And she opens her legs to M – 16 Denz, One Hand Alfred, Weed Farmer Rick, Stretchers and Ghetto Mice? And the men up at Whitehall say that she’s loves me? They feel like I’m a mug! On February 11th 2012, I left Jamaica without even saying goodbye to the district scraggly and I promise myself that I will never ever see her again.

To Be Continued


2 thoughts on “Jamaican Pudding Part 2: The Parcel

  1. Money Cultural.

    I am glad that you learned your lesson Money Cultural and what a crazy story that you had in Jamaica. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women and single mothers. Happy 39th Birthday for the 4th August 2020 bro.

    Liked by 1 person

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