They’re Desire For Thugs


They’re first option

These scraggle daggles love these thugs. They have so much desire for these thugs. You want the proof? Look how many videos Tommy Sotomayor has down when these scraggle daggles getting killed by these thugs that they love and desire. These harlots don’t want a good black man. They want a Pookie, Ray Ray, John John and Thick Dick Tyrone. Good black men doesn’t make these harridans exiting. The ghetto hoodrats don’t go crazy for these good black men but they go nuts for these thugs and unproductive men.

They don’t want a good black man at all. They want a man who is worthless and hopeless. However, when these harriets have their children, they will chase after the good black man. But then they get upset when the good black man doesn’t wanna take care of a woman who is a single mother. A good black man will not take care of another man’s child or children. And these ghetto gaggers will go into rage including these simps who lick up to them.

These hoodrats cannot be upset when the good black man will not date, be in a relationship or marry a woman who a whole leap of children. Because these harlots never wanted to be with a good black man. So why they are chasing after a good black man now when they didn’t wanted him in the first place? As these daggle maggles gets rejected by the good black men, they are absolutely doomed when it come to companionship, because these last option is the simps that worship them.

For these harridans, being with a simp is a huge nightmare for these ratchet black women. Because these simps are not willing to help this hoodrats like helping them paying the rent or mortgage, the bills and so on but they will live off these women and attacking thinking black men for talking about the ratchetness of these scraggs.

A ratchet black women don’t want a good black man but will rejected but him when she has a whole team of children. And she hates the final option because the simp is just a hopeless dude who has no ambition not goal orientated. When a ghetto ratchet black woman stares at her simp, she must be thinking “Where the fucking thugs at?”


Leave the harridan to them!


2 thoughts on “They’re Desire For Thugs

  1. Money Cultural.

    I avoid single mothers like the plague and I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38.

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