Glad I’m Not Like These Abusive Simps


As you see these simps beat the holly hell out of their women, you must be wondering why are these simps are beating the living shit out of the women they love? When I walk down the street, I have seen a poster of a woman sitting down on her bed covering her face in complete fear. On the poster, it says abusers work from home as well. We all know why that the abusive simps are fucking up their women. Is because that they seen domestic violence when they were young boys? Have they been through abuse by one of their parents?

In the black community, we have seen so many black boys getting beating by their mother who are raising them with no father in the household. These scraggle daggles relentlessly beat their black sons until these simps grow up and beat their girlfriends or their wives. When I was young, even I was raised in a two parent home, I was getting beatings from my mother. My mum and dad are from Jamaica and in that island, we all know that Jamaican parents won’t hesitate to beat their children.

Right, I thought I was goanna be like these abusive simps who will fuck up their girlfriends face without thinking but I didn’t. I didn’t want to be like these abusive simps who will conflict damage on their women’s face. When I was small, I use to get beatings and when I was a teenager, I throw an attitude at my mum because when you are a teen, you think that you’re grown but every teen thinks like that anyway. But when I was young, I was a rude little shit and use to swear at my mum, especially when I was a teenager.

When I was in a relationship, I thought I was goanna put my hands on my girlfriends. I thought I was goanna give them black eyes, broken noises and busted lips but none of that happened. I was just being the lover man, you get me? But my relationships didn’t last long because my exes were gold diggers and they play too many games.

Here this. If I ever did put my hands on my girlfriends, will they stay with me? If they did, then something is wrong with them mentality. I know that there are some women that do like that kind of thing. It makes you think really. It seems like they don’t want a nice guy. Let me tell you something. It is hard to be nice. If you goanna be the nice guy, then these girls will play games with you and make you look like an idiot. I did an article of Hard To Be Nice.

From the graces of the most high, I’m glad that I haven’t turned into these simps especially the ones who as who put women on a pedestal just to get between their legs. I don’t want to be in a relationship that I could smack down my woman while she in the kitchen baking cookies. The only time I put my hand on her is when I bend her over and spank that ass and nothing else.


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