The Abusive Simp

abusive simp

Man is ready to give her blows. And in front of the children as well. Damn!

With all of my exes, I have never ever hit them. I only creep on them, well some of them but yo! These black men are beating their women like crazy star, bumboclet! Listen, I don’t like it when a woman get beat down by her man but some of the time, the chick is pushing the man to the limit. These abusive simps are knocking out their women and this is not something new you know. This happens in the so called black community and it happens a lot.

The abusive simps are giving the beating to these black women in terms of jealousy, not cook or clean, not looking after the children, not hearing their man when he calls them, not cooking the food good and so on. In the household with the abusive simp and his black queen, he’s giving her blows because of something she has said or done. I don’t condone domestic violence, but the simp will fuck her up badly, you get me?

So, why the abusive simp is is damaging his woman’s face? Why is he giving her blows to the face of the woman that he loves? Well, if he has been hurt in the past by other women, well everyone have been hurt. If he had an abusive father and he sees him beat his mother up when he was a young boy, then obviously. But there is another reason why. You see, these simps have been raised by single mothers and their mums use to beat the living hell out of them when they were young boys. There is a video in America of a single mother who beat the holy hell out of her son outside the apartment with the belt and you could hear the boy crying and screaming like mad.

And that is the reason why these abusive simps are violent when they get older. Here this. As these abusive simps giving their women black eyes, a broken nose, bust lip, bruised face, cracked ribs and so on, these women will stay with these men regardless how many times these abusive simps fuck them up, they still stay with them. And it’s not only for financial reasons, it’s also that they love them. They loves them after they beat the hell out of them? Wow! It seems like they love the beating that these abusive simps gives them.

My two older sisters have went through that shit when I was young. And I heard that one of my relatives use to beat up his wife. The man use to bust up her lip, bust up her face, he gave her the works. Men like Beat Gyal Darren, Clap Her Down Mark, Fist Her Up Barry and Woman Beater Danny are just putting these women down on the ground with their hands.

It seems like these women prefer these type of men like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Corner Boy Ronney, Ruff Neck Desmond, 357 Jimmy, 6 Shooter Derrick, Pimp L, Rizla P, Rapid Fire Rasta and Big Dick Rodney. These women will stay with these men and these abusive simps will kill them in a heartbeat. And you know what makes it worse? When these women have children by these men.

Man is ready to give her a right jab!



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