Hard To Be Nice

The nice guy persona never leads any man anywhere.


Right, I know that I should think about money instead of women and other men should think about money instead of punany. That is the reason why I got the term Money Cultural, But anyhow. When I’m chirping up black chicks, the majority of them don’t like it. Why? Because I’m not a thug, a criminal, a worthless man, a hopeless man, a man with a whole leap of baby mothers and so on. And that what the majority of black women prefer. But when they get breed up by 12 Gauge Mike, Corner Boy Ronney, Street Mice, Rum Smuggler Don, Pimp L, Rizla P, Dirty Rizly, Ganja Smoke, Hoodboy from Stonebridge, Rasta Man Jake and Thick Dick Tyrone, now they are looking for a good black man. Listen here, I’m not a good black man and second of all, I will never date a woman with children and plus. There is no way that I’m goanna be with these ghetto ratchet harridans, especially with children. They better don’t try it with me but I know that these ghetto harlots will dominate these simps that lick up to them.

When it comes to chirping up white chicks, it’s different. You can actually talk to them without any problems. It if the white chick is interested in black guys then great but if she is not and prefers men in her race, that’s cool. I’m fine with that. If she wants a white man to marry and have a family with, then I’ll accept that, you get me? I have talked to numerous white girls especially when I’m raving and some of them were fat white women. 😂😂😂 My sister’s husband who is not living with her says that you have to be nice to white girls. You can’t be aggressive towards the white girls. You have to be nice and kind. And sweet also. I was thinking about it a number of times of being nice to white chick. And you have to be kind and sweet also. When I look at it. It’s not easy at all being nice. And the nice always finish last because he can easily get used most by women.


Let me be honest with you. I’m not with that being a nice guy shit at all. I’m not into that being nice whatsoever. It’s because that if you start a relationship with a girl, she will take you for an idiot and will play mind games with you. And that will get a man frustrated and kick the girl to the curb. And then everyone will look at her as the curb gyal because she got kicked to the curb. The nice guy never ends up first because the woman looks at him and take him for fool because she can use him and play him until he gets badly hurt by her. And that’s when he decides to take the nice guy persona and just bury it six feet under. After that, the man who was a nice guy is now morphed into a different man and I mean a different fucking man. My God! The man has becomes a player and start dealing with a whole leap of women.

Its very hard to be nice, especially a guy like me from Brent, North West London because I’m too street for that nice guy shit. I don’t mind dating a white chick or being in a relationship with her and I even don’t mind dating women from other races especially mix race women but its goanna be hard getting that street mentality out of my brain. Just the same thing as I’m too street of the area where I’m staying. But when it comes with a black chick, if I get aggressive towards her, man oh man they’ll be a bight fight. You know when a woman says that she wants a rough man and not the nice guy. I can’t be nice guy. North West London man can’t do them type of things star but if I get rough on a woman, will she like it?

If you play the nice guy, you goanna get played by a chick when you are in a relationship, trust me I know and I have to kick them to the curb hard because I don’t have the time for no bullshit. When a girl is playing games with a man, she has someone else on the side. You may think that this is sounds insecure but you beg to differ. Once you be the nice guy, women will take advantage with you because she looks at you as a fool, but when you stop being nice, then what? Let me tell you something with these narcissistic girls. Most of the time these girls who love to play mind games, they are lame in the bedroom. They don’t know what to do when the lights turn off especially in the day time but they are not giving you anything in the bedroom anyway. But they are opening their legs to thugs like Knife Man Priest, Around The Block Johnny, Mach 10, Weed Baron Segwick and Curb Boy Wesley. But these simps, they don’t mind getting played while they defend these ghetto hoodrats who don’t even like them.

I’m not into this nice guy persona thing. I’m from North West London. I don’t deal in that shit. I didn’t say is mean to the women them but men like me from them sides don’t run that kind of game, you get me star? Because, if we ever become nice to these girls, they will definitely play games with us. They will take the men for a dunce. They will give us the run around. And if you have been played before, then you know the tricks of the trade. And after that, you can outwit these girls. If a girl is playing games with you, make her be the curb girl. There is consequences of being the nice guy and that’s is getting played. Once a man knows he’s got played, he will know now when a girl is playing games but being nice is not the thing for me but I won’t treat the woman wrong though.

Church road

One love to Willesden. One love to North West London in general!


4 thoughts on “Hard To Be Nice

  1. Player women are shit in bed? Didn’t know that… Thanks for letting me know!

    Are you getting nostalgic over Church Road Willesden? 😂 There’s a new block of flats by the roundabout next to the magistrates court. Otherwise it’s still as rundown as ever.

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  2. Money Cultural.

    I fully agree with you bro. Being a nice guy to a woman these days doesn’t work because they will take you for a idiot.

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