Jamaican Men And Child Support

This is too Jamaican men in that pretty island. Stop having children and not being there for them. Why? Because not only these children need their father’s hand to guide them but here this. Child support has landed in Jamaica. Look here now. Having children with multiple women need to be a thing of the past now because this child support system is something not to played with and you will lose easily because this system is siding with the woman and it’s a losing battle with this child support which a lot of men are paying, especially black men.

This absentee father thing has to come to an end big time. Listen, child support will stalk you and tear out your pockets and get your money. I know what the Jamaican men are going through with the men killing the women in that island when the man finds out that the woman is giving the punany away to the next man but when it comes to children, things are different. You can’t be dealing with these scraggle daggles and breed them off. Now, as this child support has landed in Jamaica, these succubus women will end up putting you on it without thinking.

I didn’t say you can’t fuck these harridans. Go have your fun but you have use protection with these Jamaican harlots. I have no issues of Jamaican women because my former lovers are Jamaican but things are not the same anymore. Jamaican men need to be careful because if they don’t, then this child support will absolutely cripple them, financially. Jamaican men need to look what’s going on now because this child support ruthlessly taking the men’s money away. And these women Jamaican men are dealing with are nothing but relentless gold digging harridans that will not only eat out the man financially but will live off the man also.

I wouldn’t even thought that child support will ever come to the country where my parents come from. Jamaican men need to be smart and see what’s the hell is going on. But with this child support, will it stop them breeding one woman to another? I don’t think that will change a thing for these Jamaican simps. All having four, five or even six children with different women may have to come to an end but also these women are letting these simps nut inside them when they open their legs to them. And when they breed, the child support comes faster then a Ferreri F40 doing 200 miles per hour on the road.

It seems like they don’t understand the consequences but as they do, it’s already too late. They are goanna be on the system for the next 18 years and some of them are on the system even longer because they have multiple children. If they know that child support is devastating, then why are having so many children then and not look after them? My late grandfather had 20 children and didn’t took care of them at all. If he was looking down from heaven and see the how lethal child support is, he must be thinking that he dodge a bullet. Well, multiple bullets I mean.

What is making these simps of Jamaica have multiple children and not knowing the serious consequences of these foolish actions? Is it because that they feel like more of a man when having multiple children with multiple women? If it’s that, then I have something to say. The more the person have children, the more harder it is for the person to be a parent. And now they are suffering as child support is crippling them. You know something? It’s much better to have just one child with one woman.



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