Why This Is Happening In Jamaica


We all know what happened in Jamaica with the solider that killed his wife for cheating on him and then killed himself after her life away. Jamaican men are killing their girlfriends or wives when they find out that their significant other is giving the coochie to the next man. These Jamaican men are shooting them, stabbing them, even chopping their heads off with the machete. These Jamaican men are slicing these Jamaican hoodrats heads off when they get betrayed by them. When these Jamaican hoodrats cheat on they’re man or husband, they show no remorse of what they have done and they really don’t care when they cheat on their husbands and boyfriends.

These women know what they’re doing but they are doing something very dangerous because this will cost them their lives. They are using them financially, they are playing games with them, they are taking these men as idiots. Yeah, I have been through that before when girls play games with me. When a woman is playing games with the man, he has to leave and relationship fast as he can and move on. But these Jamaican men will lose their mind in jealousy and execute their women. Me and my friend talked about these violent situations in Jamaica when the men are killing off the women in a jealous rage.

And he showed no sympathy for these women because they are messing around with these men’s head and they are paying the lethal price of them losing their lives when they are playing mind games with the men. So why this is happening in this small beautiful island? You see, I think these Jamaican men got their heart broken, maybe more then once so I guess that these Jamaican men are coming from a world of hurt. And when these women take advantage of them and getting a kick out of it, the men finally snap and do the unthinkable when they find out that their woman is having sex with another man. And these type of women, they see these men as very weak minded and soft. So that is the reason why they can manipulate these men easily.

And when they see these men falling in love these harridans, the harriets are willing to take advantage of them. They see them as very vulnerable and when the men fall in love with them and when they start a relationship with them, these harlots will use the men financially and have another man on the side. And their side lover is a man like Knife Man Priest, 9mm, Glock Man, Tech 9, Tall Man, 12 Gauge Danky and Stretch Cocky Jack. I don’t see that they want a good man to be honest. These heifers want a ruff neck man that they love so deeply but these worthless men don’t love them. They just want a fuck. All they want is some punany, nothing else. So these heifty hoodrats are just wasting their time with these hopeless men that just want them sexually.

These hoodrats of Jamaica are playing a dangerous game with the men because they are taking these men as fools and these men are not messing around with them any more. These women are now paying the deadly consequences of them getting murdered by their boyfriends or husbands when they are having sex with another man. There was a Jamaican woman on YouTube and she says that she will not date a police officer or a soldier and I know why. It’s because that the police officer and the solider will kill her in a jealous fury.


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