Black Men Walking From Black Women


We all know that 55 per cent of black men have now made it in a non black relationship in Britain. It goes to show that black men don’t fuck with black woman. And black women don’t ever ask this question of why black men are dating outside their race in large numbers in the United Kingdom. Well, I got the answer for them. The reason why black men are dating outside their race in big numbers in the United Kingdom is because they see the ratchet, dysfunctional behaviour amongst black women for a very long time, so black men went off and moved on to other races of woman. And there are some black women think that black men will never walk away from black women it’s now starting to happen, especially in the United States of America.

When you see what is going on with black women now, its just black women being single mothers, acting ratchet, putting a man on child support, fighting in public, wearing weave, skin bleaching, bad attitude, chasing after worthless men, having a desire for racist white beta males, whorish behaviour, etc. And when black men sees all that malarkey, they just turn around and just walk off because they do not wanna deal with that dysfunction of ratchet black women. So they take their options elsewhere.

When a black man dates outside his race or marries a non black women, the ghetto ratchet black women like Cynthia G, Ms Archduchess and the other YouTube hoodrats attack him calling him coon, sell out, house nigger and super coon. But when thinking black men talks about the ratchetness and the bad behaviours of these ghetto ratchet hoodrat heifers, they send their henchmen known as the simps to attack them. And these simps don’t mind to defend these weave wearing worthless whores which they can’t wait to sleep with these women. But the thing is that these hoodrats heifers don’t care about these simps. They don’t even want them whatsoever. They want the good for nothing Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Big Dick Rodney, 12 Gauge Mike, Ruff Cut Desmond and Dick Long Tyrone.

Black men have now walking away from black women, because they do not want to deal with the ratchetness they bring to them when it comes to relationships and marriage. There are black men that still wants black women, but to find a good black women, you have to search high and mighty to look for one and a good black woman is a rare thing nowadys. Black women don’t want to be in a relationship or wants to be in a marriage with a simp. They give 357. Jimmy, Cheddar Street, Corner Boy Ronny and Long Dick .44 a chance as these ghetto queens love and desire these type of men. And they do have children with these hopeless individuals but when the heterosexual black male sees a ratchet woman, especially a black rachet one, they will walk off in a instant.


12 thoughts on “Black Men Walking From Black Women

  1. Money Cultural.

    I’ve stopped dealing with black women 21 years ago when I was 16 years old back in 1998 and I haven’t regretted since because I don’t find black women attractive at all. Now that I am 37 years old and childfree, it was the best thing that I ever done because I didn’t make the mistake of having kids with these broads and I see black couples with kids and the black man looks fucking miserable because he made the fatal mistake by getting this black women pregnant and he is stuck with her for life. If I do ever have kids they are going to be mixed race kids with a non black woman.

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  2. I’m saddened by this post, and as a black woman I won’t say that these “ratchet” black woman don’t exist because they do. What about the black women like me who wears her natural hair with pride, and loves black men? I’m educated, I’m childfree, I have a great job and then when I go to look for a great black man he’s taken by a woman of another race. What about us?

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    1. You know there are black men that will date black women but the thing is that it’s getting harder for black men to date black women because of the dysfunction of black women. Natural black women is getting rarer but a ratchet black women is a majority. glad that you are wearing your natural hair but the natural black woman is getting rare.

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      1. I will always respect black women and there are good black women that deserve a good black men but can’t lie you spoke a lot of facts in this post because I understand this feeling and point of view I see it to.

        I say as a whole both black men and black women have to do better but yet this is easier said than done

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