A Bitter Rivalry: The War Between The Black Harlot and Her Daughter

mom beats daughter

The envy runs deep when it comes to black women and I mean very deep. Black men know why the reason why black woman wear weave because she is competing with white women. Not only that, black woman is envious with the white women with her long wavy hair which she grew out of her head, whatever if she is blonde or brunette. And when the white woman colours her hair wherever it’s pink, blue, purple, green or any other colour, the ghetto hoodrat black woman just copies her and will continue to copy this woman they worship. Every black man knows that the black woman has an obsession with the white woman’s hair and shows a huge amount of jealousy of her idol. However there is another female the black woman are envious of. And that is the girl known as her daughter. She is showing envy towards her female off spring so the black woman is not only competing with the white women but she is competing with her daughters also.

Why the black woman is showing jealousy towards her daughter? Why she is showing envy towards her princess? Well, because when the daughter becomes 17 or 18 years old, her body begin to develop sometimes younger than that for some girls. She start to have breasts, wide hips, big butt and thick thighs and her mother use to have that busty, curvaceous shape and now as she gets older, the mother feels like she’s hit the wall. Well, went through the wall and went through another one. She has gained weight and her looks have faded and she sees the daughter with good looks and a voluptuous body, so the mother shows envious tendencies to her daughter. So the mother becomes competitive with her daughter who has now grown up to become a beautiful woman and the mother becomes big as Barney the dinosaur, but and the end of it all, she will lose when the black woman goes into competition with the white woman and her daughter.

I have been seeing black women beating their daughters on YouTube. They are loads of videos of black women mostly single mothers beating their daughters and record it on their mobile phones. I have seen black women us belts, broomsticks, I seen them punch them, use wooden boards, extension cords, anything the mother could find and will use to beat their daughters relentlessly. Some of these young black girls are on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and I know that these girls need to get off on social media and focus on their education but these mothers are beating their daughter when they are on social media. And as these young girls go on Facebook, they are talking to boys and going on Facebook live twerking and that is the reason why these mothers are beating the living daylights out of them. But then their black mothers are shaking their butt on the internet so these young black girls are just copying what their mothers are doing.

However, there is a man there in the background and it’s not the father, it’s a simp. The captain save a hoe is living with the hoodrat, living off her, not paying the bills, not looking for a job, he’s just there doing nothing for the woman who prefer the thug more than him. But when he sees the daughter, he wants to get between her legs. He ends into temptation mode as he sees her because that the daughter has a better body then her mother. He stares at her thighs; her behind, and her busty chest and he’s heart start pounding heavily when he locks eyes on her. And with the verbal and physical abuse the daughter is getting from her mother, she might make the simp give in temptation and make him get between her legs. And she may do it just for revenge from the abuse the daughter is receiving under the hands of her ghetto ratchet hoodrat mother. She will give him the sexual signal and tell him to come get this. She will turn into a Jezebel and will use every seductive method to make the simp give into her.

The rivalry between the black mother and her daughter is bitter, fierce and fiery. Also it can get violent and most of the time the mother is the aggressor. There should be a special bond between the mother and daughter but in the black community, it doesn’t go that way. We have seen black mothers beating the holy hell out of their daughters and recording the uncompromising batterings. I do feel sorry for these girls because these girls are being raised in these homes by these harlots and harridans and the fathers are not in their lives because the fathers are criminals and thugs who breed off these Jezebels when they open their legs to them. The relationship between the black mother and her daughter is like the Old Firm Derby between the two football clubs Glasgow Rangers and Celtic, the most bitterest football rivalry in the world. That’s how bad it it when it comes between the black woman and her daughter. Between the black mother and her daughter, things are extremely toxic. And in the household where they young girl is being raised by her mother, the battles and fights can be very ferocious between them.

These young black girls need to get out of their mother’s home quickly as possible. They need to runaway from their mothers. These ghetto, hoodrat harlots are nothing but mad, crazy and violent women who have nothing but hate for their daughters. These mothers don’t love their daughters. They don’t treasure them these young princesses. They abuse them verbally, physically and bully them. They need to stop beating them and record it on their mobile phones and uploading it on Facebook. I think things will get worse with these young black girls because of their mother’s wretched behaviour. And we see these young black girls fighting on social media. When you type in black girls fighting on You Tube, you see hundreds of videos of black girls brawling in the streets and these simps recording the street fight with their mobile phones. And we all know which house hold these girls come from? From the single mother households.


2 thoughts on “A Bitter Rivalry: The War Between The Black Harlot and Her Daughter

  1. The narcissist regime run by the violent, angry and bitter black mother household is nothing but an Isis training camp for the next batch of female BT1000s. Any girl brave enough to leave before she’s is 18 has a huge task to undo the brainwashing and abuse dealt to her, and unfortunately, it may be too late.

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    1. And then not only that the daughter get violent like their mothers but the daughter continue the circle of being a single mother and do the same thing to her daughter if she has a female child. These young girls are damage.


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