Jamaican Men Ain’t Playing Around Any More


I saw this video on YouTube in November 2018 and it was a Jamaican man who caught his woman cheating with another man in his bedroom. He told the story of his woman getting doggy style by the man with the shine shoes. As the man told the story I hear the man saying “yes” in the background as the man said he heard sex noises in the bedroom. Then the man says that he burst open the door and sees his wife getting the rear entry by the man with the shine shoes. I tell you I didn’t wanted to laugh at the video but I couldn’t hold it much longer. It was a funny video as he told the story of him catching his wife getting rammed from behind by the shine shoes man. I understand that something like this is not funny. It’s not funny for anyone catching their man or their woman cheating especially when they are having sex with another person in your bed but I couldn’t hold it together when the story was told. But I’m so surprised that he didn’t kill the woman or even kill the two of them. And that’s what Jamaican men are doing now.

Here is the video of the man who caught his woman with another man in the bedroom:

These bitches ain’t loyal!

The Jamaican men are not playing around anymore. When the Jamaican woman cheats, the man goes into distress. Tears roll down on their face and starts crying. As the woman get breed by the next dude who will not be there for the child financially and emotionally, the hurt will truly cut deep in the heart but now, it’s a whole different thing now. Everything has now change as Jamaican man is executing these Jamaican women. They use to cry them a river when their Jamaican boo cheats on them but now thing are getting violent. I have said this on my blog Black Men Dating Single Mothers when I said that Jamaican are killing their women. The Jamaican men have had enough now. They’re not messing about any more. Most to the time, these women the men are with; some of them are single mothers. And these men need to stop simping for these below par women. Real men don’t raise another man’s kid. They’re doing a Russell Wilson. Me and my best friend talked about this on Christmas Eve in 2018. I know that single mothers are nothing but whores because I have seen it numerous times and I know that for sure that these women are thirsty sexually and they cannot control their sexual urges.

These women the Jamaican men are with are not good women. They are below average. I know that there are some good Jamaican women around but the men are not going for them. They are not choosing these woman but instead they are going for the wrong woman who has kids with different bums. And if there are good Jamaican women around, where are they? I’m saying this because I have experience with Jamaican women before and four of them are my ex lovers from that beautiful island. But these men will end up with these Jezebels who are nothing but whores. And these women are having sex with another men behind their backs especially with no condom; they are killing the women in a jealous rage. They are taking the machete and slicing their head off and watching their heads spin like a flying saucer. These women Jamaican men are dealing with has one child or has multiple kids and these captain save a hoes including these simpletons are chasing these women is because they want that coochie and that’s what it really is, the Jamaican coochie. I know about because I had it before and it made me walk in the rain sideways.

The reason why this is happening is because these Jamaican men has probably been hurt in the past and with these harlots they are with, they are doing these acts of violence towards them when they snap into jealousy. So this is the reason they are killing them in envious fit because the women are hurting them and taking them for idiots but now everything is not the same anymore. These men who has been scorned in the past in the past, when these women hurt these men they will go on a rampage and all hell will break loose. When me and my best friend saw the picture of the Jamaican woman on the floor with her head sliced off in 2014 was shocking but the harlot who has kids had sex with another man and got pregnant by him, would you be surprised of her man killing her? In the United Kingdom, things like this never do happen because there is a system that will protect the women.

to the Jamaican man. What you need to do is to basically stop dealing with these serfs. These women are not relationship material as well as marriage material. Don’t put yourself into trouble with these women who are not par. You can find a Jamaican woman but you have to be very selective so you better raise your standards. You can’t deal with these women who has these harlot type behaviour and hurt you while you’re in a relationship with them. In the United Kingdom Jamaican men are in relationships with woman better then the women you are chasing. From black, white even Asian women. Come to the United Kingdom because women in the UK love Jamaica men. Throw that charm at them. Give the UK ladies that Jamaican game. Forget them hopeless women who are single mothers and their wretchedness. I do like the women from Jamaica but no, not the women these simps keep chasing. I’m waking you guys up because you can do better then be with these mediocre women. Well guess I have to give you a hot cup of coffee just to wake you up.

Peace Out

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